Radlobby Wien is Vienna’s local group for Radlobby Austria. It includes the cycling groups ARGUS and IGF. They work together to help support the political agenda of bicyclists in Vienna and to support effective and successful implementation of bicycle improvements in Vienna.

RadKummerKasten lets you send information on bicycling problems directly to the appropriate Vienna city administration departments. It’s a project of Radlobby Wien (ARGUS and IGF). Simply describe the problem, add a photo (optional), choose the city district and click send. It’s a simple and easy way to help improve cycling in Vienna.

Radkompetenz Österreich is a platform supporting dissemination of best practice cycling solutions “Made in Austria” to improve and increase bicycle transport, launch international networking activities and transfer know-how to interested parties from all over Europe.


Argus Bike Festival 2017

Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2, 2017

Argus Bike Festival 2017 (Vienna Rathausplatz)

Radlobby Wien: Ringstrasse Vision

Winter 2016-17
Support the Radlobby Wien’s Ringstrasse Vision!

Improvement Ideas

Contact us with your ideas for improving the Ringstrasse. We’ll try to publish the best ideas here in the coming months.

Ring Ride Game

Test your skill riding around Vienna’s historic Ringstrasse. Look out for Mozart!

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City Bike Vienna is the city’s bikesharing system for residents and tourists. There are over 1,500 bikes at 120 locations throughout the Vienna. The goal is to help provide a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport to supplement the city’s excellent public transport system.

Drahtesel is Austria’s bicycling magazine. It’s full of useful information about cycling in Austria including news, ride recommendations, legal advice, travel stories and more. It’s the place to learn what’s happening in the world of Austrian bicycling. Published in German.

The VCO is a non governmental organisation working on comprehensive campaigns for environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically efficient mobility. The VCÖ identifies specific transport problems and develops solutions. The VCO’s aim is to develop an environmentally sustainable transport system providing mobility opportunities to all people regardless of age, gender or social status.

Traveling by foot or bicycle is intelligent and energy efficient, and is part of what it means to be a smart city. The Mobility Agency is working to increase the share of people walking and cycling in Vienna. You can send your suggestions directly to the Vienna Mobility Agency via the: Fahrrad Wunschbox


Vienna’s Ringstrasse is one of the world’s most beautiful and functional urban spaces. Created in the 1860’s when Vienna tore down its defensive walls, the boulevard circles the city’s historic centre and is home for many of Vienna’s most important cultural institutions.
The Ringstrasse’s function reflects the best in 1970s-era transport planning: moving cars efficiently. But today’s priority is moving people and goods as efficiently and sustainably as possible. And, today we recognise the huge impact transport infrastructure plays on quality of life and economic development. Both mean that moving cars efficiently is no longer the top goal. Today we need to create a model for the 21st Century – an urban boulevard focused on sustainable transport and urban liveability.
  • Creating a new Ringstrasse should be supported by a 21st Century public involvement process. The Ringstrasse 150 project’s goal is to develop civic applications and technology designed to help support that process. It includes:
    • Ring Ride smart phone game, a fun way to engage people in the process
    • website: information on organisations, events, ideas and resources for improving the Ringstrasse
    • Best Practices, information on designing sustainable streets and urban cycling (coming)
    Our goal is to increase participation and generate innovative new ideas that have support in the community, and thereby help create a Vienna’s most livable street.
  • We’ve launched our website and Android version of the Ring Ride game (iOS version coming). If the Ringstrasse150 project is successful we’ll investigate extending it to more cities and improving the smart phone game to include new features and locations.

Contact us to learn more. 

Creating Vienna’s most livable street